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I have long been a believer that every soul and every experience put into our lives is the perfect preparation for the future, in which only He can see. I see that there are no such things as mistakes in life only guides and that life is taking you on a ride and you have no choice but sit back and go where it leads you.

Many people ask me what made me want to open this business. Well, the idea for Pawsh was, all in all, born from my avid and genuine love for animals, but the real reason that it actually came to being was my little soul mate, my best friend, my dog...Reese.

Prior to taking up grooming I worked as a receptionist for several years while going through college and then after graduating went on to become a teacher for a couple of years. After getting into the profession, however, I just wasn't content or happy with it. But I continued to urge on trying to convince myself that maybe someday I would somehow find a way to be satisfied. And then in August 2007, my angel, Reese, came close to losing his life...and opened my eyes to things I'd never considered.

As I sat in the waiting room while Reese underwent his 2nd surgery with only a 5% chance to live, I became awakened to the fact that life is just too short to be stuck in a job, or any situation, for that matter, that you're unhappy in. All of the memories of draining and discontented days and often times neglecting Reese, because of all of the stress I was under, rushed through my mind. I wished, so badly that I could have those days to do over and would have given anything if I hadn't taken my time with him for granted. It was in that moment that I made a decision, that no matter how difficult or crazy it might seem to others I was going to trade my career in for a new one that would make me happy in life. The next week I turned in my resignation and began making changes, which Reese allowed me to see that I needed to make. I felt more free than I'd ever felt before.

Miraculously, Reese pulled through against all odds. He was released to come home a couple weeks later. I was so overjoyed that I couldn't stand it. It meant everything to have him with me to seek out the new life that he had given me the courage to go for. For the next several months, I committed myself to doing some serious soul-searching about what I wanted to do. I began honestly analyzing myself, in order to define a career that was based more on who I am and what I love and enjoy. It didn't take much consideration and I soon realized that this was it. So I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in grooming. I shortly after enrolled and attended Nash Academy of Animal Arts and then went on to open this business.

My decision has without question served to fit all of my aspirations, interests, talents and desires as well as my passion for animals. I consider myself to be very lucky and blessed to have a career where I can wake up each day and do something that I adore. Being a business owner and a groomer brings me such sheer joy and contentment. Everything I am now thankful for is owed to Reese, who has taught me more in life than anyone could ever imagine...I am a firm believer that everything good and bad happens for a reason and that what is meant to be will always find a way. This was definitely in the plans for me.

Thank you Reese.

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My name is Erica, owner of Pawsh Pet Salon and Spa. My husband and I are the proud parents to our three spoiled dogs, which we consider to be our children, Reese and Cloey, Shih Tzu's, and Hank, a Brussels Griffon. Grooming is not just a job for me, it is my passion. I genuinely love what I do. There's absolutely nothing in the world that I would consider a more satisfying career. My main goal, as the owner, is to ensure that Pawsh is the grooming salon and spa of choice, where people can bring their pets and undoubtedly know that they are going to receive the most compassionate loving care, top professionalism, highest quality of work, and a sense of complete satisfaction at the conclusion of each and every visit. The objective I am constantly striving for is to create a grooming salon and spa that sets itself far apart from the rest, the uniqueness being that we take the time and care to go that extra mile; and not only meet but exceed expectations, time and time again.

Photos by Elaina Janes Photography