Pet Gromming Bathing

Pet Grooming

Appointment Policies

Cancellation Policy

We are sure our clients appreciate that every appointment made is an allocated time slot tailored specifically for your pet’s needs, therefore if unable to keep an appointment, we ask that notice be given by 6:00 p.m. the day prior to the scheduled appointment, in order for the stylists to have ample time to fill that appointment spot with clients from our waiting list. Please read our cancellation policy as follows...

1st cancellation without notice by 6 p.m. day prior to appointment or no show- Excused, because we understand the sudden emergencies of life that require cancellation of appointments from time to time

2nd cancellation without notice by 6 p.m. day prior to appointment or no show-We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the cost of the scheduled services

3rd cancellation without notice by 6 p.m. day prior to appointment or no show- We reserve the right to bill for the full amount of services scheduled and ask the client to provide a credit card number to book and hold future appointments.

Appointment Length

We ask that you please allow 2-3 hours per appointment. Please keep this in mind in scheduling your appointments. There will be express grooming fees added if you need your dog sooner than the 2-3 hour timeframe.

Drop-offs/ Pick ups

We ask that you please be on time for your appointments, being 10 minutes late or more may result in having to reschedule your appointment, unless prior arrangements are discussed. There will be a $5 kennel holding fee for drop offs an hour before appointment time or picking up longer than an hour after being notified that your dog is finished. We ask that you arrive promptly before our closing hours. Pets picked up after closing will incur a fee of $1.00 per minute.

Potty Pets Before Appointments

We ask that clients please be sure their pet has been pottied before their appointments to avoid accidents during their visit and so that they are comfortable during their session.



In order to promote and maintain the safest environment possible for our guests we require that all pets entering our facility bring proof that they are up to date and current on their vaccinations. If you are a new client or needing to update your file, please supply us with a copy of your pet's vaccination certificate by either picking one up at your vet's office and bringing it in, calling your vet and having them fax it to us, or alternatively, we can contact your vet for vaccination confirmation.

Pets with Various Needs

Aggressive or Extremely Hyperactive Pets

Here at Pawsh we promote an environment that is based on creating a peaceful, pleasant experience, where grooming and pampering is something to be enjoyed. In order to maintain this, we cannot accommodate aggressive or extremely hyperactive pets. We will attempt to do any pet, however if we see that it's going to be too stressful for them, we will not proceed and will have to discuss other alternatives. As groomers, it is our job to act in the best interest of the pet and put their safety first. There are many dangers and chances of injury involved when a pet is unsettled during grooming procedures. Not only that but pushing and forcing a severely stressed pet to go through with things against their will, only detours them from ever coming around to it. Grooming is something that pets have to go through, as it is a necessity in their life, therefore it should always be made as positive an experience as possible. If pets are only slightly hyperactive or aggressive, and can be safely managed with the assistance, there is a possibility that we will groom your pet for an additional temperament fee.

Matted Pets

It is anticipated that your pets' coat is in good condition and free of mats when they arrive; however, if for one reason or another your pet is severely matted, the only option we are able to offer at this time, due to time-constraints and the fact that it is painful to de-mat pets coats in very bad condition, is to clipper down your pet's coat to the length necessary to remove the mats. If the matting is not severe it is possible that we will de-mat the coat for an additional fee, as removing mats from a pet's coat, is a difficult and time-consuming procedure, and is both physically and mentally taxing on both your pet as well as the groomer. Furthermore, it is a lengthy process, and interferes with the entire grooming schedule for all clients and their pets that day. Together, with daily brushing we can keep your pet beautiful and mat free!

Fearful, Shy, or Anxious Pets

If you have a pet that is fearful, shy, anxious or nervous, no problem. However, please inform us in making their appointment so that we may allow for more time to properly acclimate your pet and let them adjust. It is our experience that with time, patience, positive reinforcement and rewards your pet can conquer their fears & learn to love grooming. Also, if you would like, feel free to bring along a special toy, favorite blanket or preferred treat to make their experience more enjoyable & familiar.

Shedding Pets

We do not offer "shave downs" on double coated breeds (i.e., Collies, Golden Retrievers, Chow Chows, etc.) or short haired breeds (i.e., Labs, Pugs, Boxers). Instead we furminate them which naturally removes the undercoat, the coat that sheds and also makes dogs hot in the summer. Shaving the topcoat, the coat that protects dogs from being sunburned and also insulates them from the heat and cold, should not be clippered because it does not always grow back properly as these breeds are not meant to be clippered.

Special Offers & Discounts

The Pawsh V.I.P. (Very Important Pet) Client Program

The VIP programs are for clients who schedule regular visits within 8 weeks or less of each other. The program is designed to work as an incentive in keeping your pet on a healthy grooming schedule. The benefits of being a VIP includes benefits such as receiving discounted grooming packages, priority holiday scheduling, appointments set on days and times you select, for your convenience, reminder confirmation calls in advance, you don't chance forgetting your pet's grooming needs during your busy schedule, and last but not least the satisfaction of knowing your pet is on a regular grooming regimen & will keep them feeling and looking their best. After all, a groomed pet is a happy pet!

New Client Discount

If you are a new client, you will receive VIP pricing on your first visit.

Facebook Discounts/ Specials

Be sure to "like us" on Facebook, to be notified of occasional discounts and specials run that will only be known about by our Pawsh Facebook fans.

The Birthday Special

Schedule an appointment anytime during the birth month of your pet for some birthday pampering and not only will we get them all spiffed up for celebrating their birthday, we will also let them select a special toy from Pawsh birthday box as our gift.



Payment is due at the time of service. Forms of payment accepted are cash, check or credit card (3% fee for credit card usage)

Gift Cards

Pawsh gift cards make a perfect, unique gift for any pet lover for any occasion! Gift Cards are available for purchase at the salon, just ask!


The highest compliment you can give is through referral of your friends and family. We so much appreciate any referrals and thank you for putting your confidence in us!